With the responsibility of raising children, God has given us a sacred task. As Max Lucado puts it, “The highest privilege and purpose as a parent is to lead the child in the way of Christ.” As parents, we are the first point of contact that our children will have with the Christian faith. As such, knowing how to guide your child along the faith is very important.

A child's growth also has several stages, including their teens. As parents, knowing how to navigate these phases is also an important skill to have.

Cru Media Ministry’s Christian parenting books are inspired by this thought. As is the reality that God uses parenting to ‘advance His work’ in parents too (Paul David Tripp). From the practical aspects of understanding child development and managing family relationships, to the spiritual, its challenges; practices; and joy, our Christian parenting books are tools that will equip and encourage you. You are an important figure in their formative years, well into them being youths. Knowing how to communicate well with them is also an important aspect of every parent-child relationship.

Cru Media Ministry is also a strong advocate of reading to your children (from babe to teens). Parenting through children books helps to builds bonds; advances listening skills; aids language and cognitive development; expands vocabulary; and increases a child’s attention span.

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Cru Media Ministry has both a physical bookstore and an online webstore, and is a one-stop trusted provider of Christian materials and resources in Singapore. We develop and publish Christian reading and multimedia materials to provide resources individuals for their spiritual needs, and services to churches to assist them in their evangelical mission to being people closer to Christ. Here at Cru Media Ministry, we have various resources to nourish your souls for your different seasons of life. Check out these great Christian resources and may they be a blessing to you and your loved ones.


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