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7 Mysteries of Ancient China (English)

Chinese and Hebrew cultures are the two longest living cultures of the world.

What do they have in common?

What are the secrets of their survival and continued influence around the world while other great civilizations have come and gone?

Come, join us on this journey of discovery and be ready for huge surprises!


7 Mysteries of Ancient China (Chinese)






Faith of our Fathers: Finding God in Ancient China (English)

Is the christian faith a western ideology that is foreign to and incompatible with Chinese culture?

Chinese civilization is generally referred to as having an unbroken history of more than 4,000 years. In this landmark book, Chan Kei Thong brings to light some startling and fascinating revelations of God’s “fingerprints” throughout China’s long history.

With much clarity and accessibility, Thong establishes that the original form of worship in China was monotheistic and was in a manner similar to those found in Genesis, the first book of both the Hebrew and the Christian scriptures.

Faith of our Fathers: Finding God in Ancient China (Chinese)


• 从中国的汉字反映出人类初期发生的事件,一如圣经创世纪的记载。
• 中华民族给国家命名-『神州』(神的国),他们对神全能的认知。



Spiritual Hygiene: A Call To Personal Holiness

Are we alert to fault lines and spiritual roadblocks in our lives? 
How can we overcome them to live a victorious and spiritually vibrant life? 2 Corinthians 7:1 provides the roadmap: cleanse ourselves from everything that defiles and pursue holiness in the fear of the Lord. 

Spiritual Hygiene presents biblical principles to deal with areas of defilement. They include occultic practices, sexual sins, ungodly soul ties, unforgiveness, inner wounds and ungodly beliefs. Each chapter provides scriptural insights on root causes, testimonies and prayers to walk in freedom and victory. Ultimately, God calls us to be set apart as His holy people to walk in His calling and fulfil His purposes for our lives.

Effective Prayer: Pursuing Breakthroughs

Are you looking for breakthroughs in your prayers? 
James 5:16b states, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Effective prayer is both communion with God and fulfilling His kingdom purposes. When we know God’s Word, ways and will, we grow in confidence to receive answers to our prayers. As we deepen our relationship with Him, we avail ourselves to pray for our family, church, community and nation.

Effective Prayer presents biblical principles of how we can approach God in prayer as a Father, relate as a Friend and appeal to Him as a Judge. It examines some areas which hinder prayer, including sins and transgressions, and how we can reinstate our prayer covering. It also gives us practical handles on how to pray for the lost, and stand in the gap for our nation. Ultimately, God calls us to be righteous men and women of prayer who pursue breakthroughs in our lives, for His glory!

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