Encourage a man or woman who is working in Singapore. Bring a message of hope into the lives of these fathers and mothers who are away from home working for their families. 

Throughout the world, many have left their homelands to work.  Low wages, lack of jobs, financial hardships are some reasons fathers and mothers are working abroad to send money home. These men and women work long hours under difficult conditions to earn money to feed their families, send their children to school and have a roof over their heads. Many will not see their families for several years until their contracts are fulfilled. 

You can show love and care for these Foreign Nationals who are strangers on our land. Many of these workers are oral learners.  MegaVoice audio players will help them know about God’s truth and love as they hear about the hope He gives.


Give them a MegaVoice audio player pre-loaded with God’s word in their own heart language. Bless them with these MegaVoice audio players which can share God’s truth in their own native tongue.

MegaVoice Audio Cloud

Full Bible (76 hours to 86 hours)

Hear the narrative of God's plan of salvation for Israel and the nations as chronicled in the Bible's sixty-six books written by more than forty writers.

New Testament (16 hours to 25 hours)

This message contains the entire New Testament. Hear the narrative of the life of Christ as chronicled in the four Gospels, the exciting Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles of Paul and other writers giving encouragement and hope to the fledgling churches and closing with the apocalyptic book of Revelation.

God’s Story (80 min)

This message brings the main stories of the Bible in a chronological format. "God's Story: From Creation to Eternity" enables people from any culture to readily grasp the whole gospel. This series of easily-learned stories provides an effective way to reach the lost and teach them the truth of God. The program normally presented in an eighteen-chapter format runs for eighty minutes. The message is narrated by a single voice with a musical background, including sound effects to enhance the presentation.

Story of Jesus (2 hours)

This is an audio version of the 2 hour Jesus Film from CRU. It is based on the overview of the Book of Luke. It is dramatized with various actors and effects.

Good News (45 min to 73 min)

A set of 40 Bible stories from Genesis through Acts. The stories are set up chronologically and topically. Good for introducing general Bible knowledge, and evangelism. These are recorded by mother-tongue speakers so people identify the language as their own. Story pictures in both color and black and white can be purchased through GRN

Words of Life (25 min to 1 hour)

Words of Life recordings contain short Bible stories, evangelistic messages and songs. They explain the way of salvation and give basic Christian teaching. Most use a storytelling approach. These are recorded by mother-tongue speakers so people identify the language as their own.

Look, Listen and Live (30 min to 45 min)

Look, Listen and Live is a Series of 8 episodes with 24 stories each. The stories, which span books Genesis to Acts, are a wonderful resource fordiscipling believers who are young in their faith. Recordings have been made, where possible, using mother tongue speakers with clear voices who are respected in the local community. Local music and songs are sometimes added between pictures. Some languages may not yet contain all 8 episodes.

Mini Bible College (110 hours)

The Mini Bible College serves as the core curriculum for nurturing believers and assisting the spiritual growth of the Church worldwide. The teaching is taken from Pastor and Teacher Dick Woodward's unique approach to teaching Bible's truths which cut through denominational and cultural backgrounds. The Mini Bible College (MBC) provides a devotional approach to the scriptures and is easily understood by both those with little education as well as the very educated. This material can be used for evangelism, teaching and nurturing believers in their congregations and Bible study groups as well as personally, in the privacy of their own homes. 200+ Topics coverings Sermon on the Mount, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Family and Marriage.


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