Published in 2001, the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible has received wide acceptance by churches, pastors and millions of believers. The ESV was founded on the conviction that the Scripture is fully inspired by God. It is an "essentially literal" translation of the Bible in contemporary English.

Created by a team of more than 100 leading evangelical scholars and pastors, the ESV Bible emphasizes "word-for-word" accuracy, literary excellence, and depth of meaning. Therefore, each word and phrase in the ESV bible was carefully weighed against the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, to ensure comprehensive accuracy and clarity, whilst avoiding under-translating or overlooking any nuance of the original text. The ESV bible is an “essentially literal” translation that seeks to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer. It is suited for personal reading, public worship, in-depth study, and Scripture memorization.

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Cru Media Ministry has both a physical bookstore and an online webstore, and is a one-stop trusted provider of Christian materials and resources in Singapore. We are an authorised distributor of major international Bible publishers eg. Zondervan, Tyndale, Moody, Thomas Nelson, Lifeway just to name a few. We are resource partners for para-organisations such as RZIM, Creation Ministries International, Arrows Resources, Armour Publishing and also serve local authors with our established distribution channels via our physical store, webstore, trade partners and retailers. We develop and publish Christian reading and multimedia materials to provide resources individuals for their spiritual needs, and services to churches to assist them in their evangelical mission to being people closer to Christ. Here at Cru Media Ministry, we have various resources to nourish your souls for your different seasons of life. Check out these great Christian resources and may they be a blessing to you and your loved ones.


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