• BMTN: Library Ministry for Children in Ukrul

    "…I have my library all around me, my cloud of witnesses to the strangeness and brilliance of human experience,

    who have helped me to my deepest enjoyments of [life]."

    Marilynne Robinson, When I was a Child I Read Books

    Cru Singapore Media Ministry’s Biblio-Ministry to the Nations (BMTN) is about transforming communities for good through the power of literacy and reading broadly, reflectively, and empathetically. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Asung’s and Nim’s Miracle Worchum Library Ministry in Ukhrul, Manipur. The couple’s vision is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Northeast India, and the library, opened in September 2020, is central to their ministry.

    The Miracle Worchum library compliments BMTN’s primary objective, to promote the joy and discipline of reading with resources that benefit under privileged communities in emerging economies. The focus being on Christian print materials for children, and equipping leaders and families, where such resources are scarce.  On top of improving literacy and community development, the couple hope that the children and their fa

  • Thanksgiving & Honouring God

    This is the disciple who testifies of these things, and wrote these things; and we know that his testimony is true. John 21:24

    Amidst a year ‘like no other’ where many doors were forced to close, we have witnessed the opening of many more. From our new webstore, through publishing two local authors’ works, a children literacy webinar to a virtual booktable we’ve been blessed by, and are so thankful for, the fortitude, ingenuity, creativity and, above all, faithfulness of our ministry partners.

    Effective Prayer

    And then there is the incredible loyalty, generosity and encouragement of our customers who have not only generated record online sales this year but have begun to return in increasing number to our physical store – highlighted by our recent Supporters Appreciation Sale (SAS). Your virtual and physical presence is greatly appreciated and wonderful affirmation that MM's mission to win souls and save minds by placing Christ-centred resources into the right hands at the right time resonates with God’s heart.

  • Building Community Resilience Through Literacy Webinar

    Media Ministry invited ReadAble and Reading Roots to share their community literacy outreach programmes in Jalan Kukoh and MacPherson respectively as part of Cru's Webinar series 'Tuesday Talks'. Held on 29 September, the registration and subsequent attendance (75 signed up, 43 turned up, with highest concurrent viewership of 37) affirmed our joint belief that many in Singapore are concerned with the increasing demand on our young for higher-level literacy skills, the decline in their reading capability and enjoyment, and therefore their capacity to reach their God-given potential. Such concerns being exacerbated in poorly resourced communities.

    By enabling children to acquire comprehensive, foundational literacy skills they gain the confidence to read, write, speak and communicate well. This ultimately enables their communities to develop greater resilience to the challenges, struggles, and institutions that can, despite worthy efforts to the contrary, serve to reinforce inequality and social division. In particular, the ability to read well and enjoy the written word provides children with, as the UK report "A Society of Readers" suggests, the prospect of life-long resilience through greater emotional, psychological and intellectual capacities.

    We hope that the attendees were inspired and, perhaps, challenged by the work of ReadAble and Reading Roots who were represented by Samantha Kwan and Angeline Lim respectively. We also heard from a volunteer who has served with both organisations, Karmen Wong, who shared her passion as a literacy teacher to needful families. Judging on the lively Q&A that followed we believe that other community initiatives in this field could be realised.

    Literacy builds communities by empowering the young to communicate, understand, empathize and be more attentive to the people, issues, and events

  • Thank You For 2019

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  • BMTN: Good Seed Planted in Good Soil for Lasting Impact

    Cru Singapore Media Ministry’s Biblio-Ministry to the Nations (BMTN) is about transforming communities through the power of literacy and reading development.....

  • BMTN & New Creation Ministry, Nagaland

    In September 2017, with the generous support of donors who helped fund the shipping costs, Media Ministry delivered over 700 books, with a retail value of approximately $13,000, to New Creation Ministry, Sekruzu, Nagaland.

  • Reading By Design Seminar Of Truth, Beauty and Wisdom

    Held on 20th July, the seminar represented the flagship event of Media Ministry’s reading advocacy month....

  • A Recipe For Reading @Hannah Seniors Activity Centre (10 July 2019)

    As part of our reading advocacy month Cru Singapore Media Ministry (MM) was most thankful for the opportunity to visit and share with the seniors from Block 21, Toh Yi Drive, who frequent the Hannah Seniors Activity Centre (HSAC), which is located in the same block.

  • Thank You For 2018

    As Year 2018 draws to a close, our hearts are filled with gratitude to our Lord Jesus, and all of you for being so much a part of the exciting year we’ve had!

  • Cyber Wellness – Connecting with Gen iY

    On the 22nd of September, Media Ministry of Cru Singapore organized a talk on cyber wellness together with Fei Yue Community Services......

  • Unveiling of The Adventures of the Bramlee Bears Series

    This year marked Cru Singapore Media Ministry’s first participation in the annual Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC)......

  • BMTN: Lighting the Way.. Four Community Libraries, Metro Manilla, Philippines

    We are most delighted to be able to share a few testimonies that we’ve recently received from Pastor Fred Dungganon, Executive Director of the Bukang Liwayway (Dawn for the poor) Foundation, on its community libraries (Bookang Liwayway Libraries) project.

  • BMTN: Community Libraries Update & Prayer Requests

    Community Libraries Update & Prayer Requests

  • BMTN: Reading the Habit… New Creation School, Sekruzu, Nagaland

    The right book, for the right child, at the right time…

  • BMTN: New Creation School in Sekruzu, Nagaland

    Resourcing the Library and Training Centre.....

  • Read-Reveal Mystery Hunt

    The dust has settled on the Read-Reveal Mystery Hunt… the amazing reading races have been run, and the mysteries have been revealed.....

  • BMTN – Life Enriching, Christ-centred Resources for Vietnamese Students

    In June 2017 Cru Singapore’s Media Ministry (MM) was delighted to host two Vietnamese missionaries, GuoAn and Esther, on a visit to our showroom. In our discussions they shared with us on their student Campus outreach back home and a need for biblically based life-enrichment resources to facilitate ministry opportunities.

    Thankfully, much to their surprise, we were able to provide them with some materials as part of our Biblio-Ministry to the Nations* initiative – to bless communities overseas with life-empowering, biblically enriched reading and teaching resources.

    It was, therefore, both a joy and a tremendous encouragement to receive their first newsletter on how God has used the resources to greatly enrich their outreach and discipleship efforts.

    To quote Esther, “We strongly believe it was a divine appointment, for the Lord wanted to bless our ministry in Vietnam through MM’s generosity. We value these training and biblical books as they came at the right time when we are pioneering a church on new ground – the students village.”

    As they had been using an English speaking club as an outreach method to students, such well-designed materials as The 5 love languages, His needs her needs, 101 questions you should ask before getting engaged… proved to be powerful tools in their training and discipling of the new believers. As Esther explained, “We invited them to visit our home, and taught them soft skills through these useful books.” And, most wonderfully, “We managed to share Christ to some of them and praise to the Lord that we have been seeing some students come to acknowledge Christ as their Lord and Savior.”

    “For the new believers, we teach them how to read the bible and our near future plan is to train them how to use the [above menti

  • BMTN: BL – Dawn for the Poor Foundation Inc. Bukang Liwayway

    Cru Singapore’s Media Ministry (MM) is most thankful to God for providing us with generous donors who share our ‘Biblio-Ministry’ vision to bless the nations through reading materials. Such was their generosity that we were recently able to cover shipping charges for a total of 4,188 books in 36 cartons to the Philippines!

    We are thrilled to advise that the Bukang Liwayway Dawn for the poor Foundation has, after some custom delays, finally received the materials.

    Executive Director, Pastor Fred Dungganon, said that he was “overwhelmed” by the scale and worth of the resources, adding that “I’m not only speaking on their cost but their authors and the titles.” They will used to develop four community libraries for the urban poor in metro Manila. “…we will use [them] in discipling our communities. Praise be to our God the Father for entrusting such a big blessing.”

    The Foundation is a Church Multiplication Movement serving the urban poor in metro Manila. Through Gospel proclamation, holistic training and community development projects, the Movement disciples poor families to become transforming agents in their communities. And ‘transformation’ is at the core of literacy and reading development in individuals and communities.

    The library coordinators from the four community libraries the Foundation is establishing met for their first meeting this week. Though somewhat overwhelmed, there is much excitement over how they can mobilize use of the literature and ensure good stewardship of the libraries. MM will continue to suppo

  • Biblio Ministry to the Nations (BMTN)

    Biblio Ministry to the Nations (BMTN)....

  • Anchoring the Next Generation in History & Truth

    It would be the hope and heart-cry of every Christian parent that their children engage more readily, willingly and deeply with the Word of God.

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