• Making Sense of the Book of Revelation Seminar & Book Launch

    "The Lamb of God is the most important reality in the book of Revelation. It is about the 'Revelation of Jesus Christ' (Rev. 1:1). This can be understood as the revelation about Jesus and the revelation from Him."

    — Bishop Emeritus Robert M Solomon, author, The Book Of Revelation: Encouragement For Troubled Times

    Revelation Launch

    Cru Media Ministry is privileged to partner Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon in the publishing of his latest title, The Book Of Revelation: Encouragement For Troubled Times.

    The book was launched on 1 May 2023 at his seminar, Making Sense of the Book of Revelation, at Barker Road Methodist Church.

    Bishop Solomon, a former bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, has an active speaking and teaching ministry. He is also a prolific author of more than 50 Christian books on a wide range of topics.

    He has written this new book to provide some helpful keys to understanding the book of Revelation.

    It is indeed a hot topic, as people are curious about interpreting the disturbing events in our day, and many Christians are drawn to the book of Revelation to find clues about the future. He shared that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were people who asked him, "Is the world going to end?"

    During the Making Sense of the Book of Revelation seminar, he gave two talks that provided an insightful overview of the topics covered in his book. The half-day seminar was attended by more than 500 participants who made time on Labour Day to learn how to read and interpret the book of Revelation.

  • Word One-to-One Seminar

    Cru Media Ministry is privileged to be the resource partner of Gateway Church and Word One-to-One at their seminar on 6 Mar 2023.

    Richard Borgonon, Founder and co-author of The Word One to One, challenged all on the use of the Bible in evangelism. It was a great reminder that when we open the Bible with someone, we are allowing God's word to speak directly to their hearts.

    The Word One-to-One provides an opportunity to get together with a friend and see what the Bible says about Jesus. Very relational, accessible & intentional, it provides a guided walk-through of John’s Gospel in bite-sized episodes with helpful notes and great summaries of take-home points.

    Richard’s passion is for every Christian to discover God actively at work in their own circle of contacts, as God builds His church through His Word. He shared great anecdotes and illustrations of how God is still at work today through the lives of anyone who is available for Him. He inspired many on a personal level with his own life. We are extremely encouraged to see many participants rekindle their passion to share the gospel of Jesus with others through studying the Bible together.

    Click here for more details of Word One-to-One resources.  

    Word One-to-One Seminar

  • Grabook Project