Bible Memory Game

132 Bible Memory Game Cards (2 decks of 66 cards each)
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  • ISBN :305272539365
  • Format :Card
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  • Publisher :Let the little children come

Description :

Each Bible Memory Game set contains 2 decks of bridge sized cards with 2 different colored backs: blue and red. Each deck has 66 cards that are beautifully illustrated to reflect the contents of each of the 66 books of the Bible. The color bar at the bottom of each card indicates which section of the Bible it belongs to.

To play, simply shuffle the cards and place them facedown. Players take turns to turn over any two cards. If the two cards match, the player keeps them and turns over another two cards. If the cards do not match, the player turns them back facedown and the turn passes to the next player. The player with the most matching pairs wins.

This versatile Bible Memory Game can be as challenging or easy as you want it to be. Those who enjoy a demanding game can play with the full set of 66 pairs of cards. For an easier, quicker game, only use cards from the Old Testament, New Testament or selected sections of the Bible. (For example, Old Testament Law, New Testament Gospels, etc.)

Yet another variation is to consider any 2 cards from the same section of the Bible a matching pair. (For example, consider Luke and John a matching pair since both are from the New Testament Gospels section.) This can help players become more familiar with how the Bible is organized.

Ages 6+
15-minute Playing Time
2-6 Players

  • Simple and fun game
  • Learn about the books and sections of the Bible as you play
  • Play at home, in church or at small group gatherings
  • Suitable for kids, youth and adults
  • Great as gifts
  • Families and Sunday school teachers can use this game as a teaching resource