15 Reasons To Take Genesis As History (min. 2)

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  • ISBN :9780949906328
  • Format :Booklet
  • Pricing Attribute :D2
  • Page Count :30
  • Publication Date :1-Aug-06
  • Publisher :Creation Ministries International - Australia
  • Author :Don Batten

Description :15 Reasons To Take Genesis As History

Many have been misled into thinking that the Genesis account of creation is not actual history, but is just some sort of theological argument ('polemic'). This small book succinctly shows why those who believe in the inspiration of Scripture have no intellectually honest choice but to take Genesis as straight-forward history, just as Jesus did. It powerfully challenges one of the major problems in the church today that affects the authority of the entire Bible. Read it, and give it to your pastor or particularly anyone contemplating theological training-kit could save them from getting derailed by some of the misleading arguments common in theological academia.