Popular In Heaven Famous In Hell

Finding Out What Pleases God & Terrifies Satan
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  • ISBN :9781629995519
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :224
  • Publication Date :4-Sep-18
  • Publisher :Charisma Media
  • Author :R T Kendall

Description :FEATURES AND BENEFITSBalanced teaching on heaven and hell, good and evil, and the effect our lives have on both realmsInsights to help readers access God's purpose and plan so they can live truly meaningful livesWould you risk your reputation to find out what is pleasing to God?

The greatest thing that can ever be said about a person is that he or she pleased God. But while pleasing God makes you popular in heaven, it may not make you popular on earth. Do you have the temptation to be well received here on earth? Do you make spiritual decisions based upon what people will think of you?

Going a step further, have you considered whether you have any reputation in hell? Are you living the kind of life that causes a threat to Satan's interests? That's how you become famous in hell.

It's time to stop valuing your reputation with people more than your reputation with God. Start living your life with eternity in mind. Respected theologian and author R. T. Kendall has written this book to help you discover the keys to living a life that truly pleases God, making you not only popular in heaven, but also famous in hell.