Mission Of Today's Church

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  • ISBN :9780805443783
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :210
  • Dimensions :153.16 x 228.6 x 12.19mm
  • Publication Date :01 Mar 2007
  • Publisher :LifeWay International
  • Author :Stanton Norman

Description :The Mission of Today's Church is a compelling collection of twelve essays from current Baptist leaders addressing three major questions: (1) What does it mean to be a Christian today on individual, group, and societal levels? (2) How can Southern Baptists best work together? and (3) What is next for the Southern Baptist denomination?

Those addressing these key topics in-depth include Stan Norman ("Together We Grow: Congregational Polity as a Form of Corporate Sanctification"), Ed Stetzer ("The Missional Nature of the Church"), and Daniel Akin ("Ten Mandates for Southern Baptists"). Among the many other contributors are Chad Brand, Charles Kelley, and Jim Richards.