Compelled By Joy

A Lifelong Passion for Evangelism

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  • ISBN :9781844745425
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :212
  • Dimensions :164 x 216 x 16 mm
  • Weight :278 gm
  • Publication Date :17-Jun-11
  • Publisher :IVP UK / Macmillan Distribution Int'l (SPCK)
  • Author :Michael Green

Description :

I was a happy teenager, content with my home, my academic success, my sporting achievements and my friendships. And I stumbled across the greatest friend of all, Jesus Christ. He is the treasure I have come to value above all else.

I was not an emotional cripple looking for a crutch. I was not a romantic looking for a cause. I was not at the bottom of the pile hoping for a leg-up. I was not looking for anything in particular. But I found treasure, and that treasure has utterly transformed my life, my goals, my lifestyle ...'

Michael Green shares his passion, reflections, convictions and suggestions from a lifetime of church and university missions, not to mention numerous informal encounters.

A book to provoke, stimulate and inspire, but above all fire up every Christian for the urgent task of evangelism.