Extreme Church Makeover

A Biblical Plan To Help Your Church Achieve Unity And Freedom In Christ
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  • ISBN :9780830737956
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :320
  • Publication Date :28-Feb-10
  • Publisher :Gospel Light
  • Author :Neil T Anderson

Description :Do you know the signs of a church in bondage? Extreme Church Makeover explores how corporate sin is robbing the spiritual vitality and fruitfulness of churches. If not resolved, this form of bondage can so entangle a church that only an extreme makeover can bring freedom. Trusted authors Neil T. Anderson and Charles Mylander offer practical and life-giving tools for dealing biblically with corporate sin in the Church. Offering a balanced approach, this unique resource takes into account the reality of the spiritual world as well as the need for correcting leadership and administration problems. Find out how to unite around a common purpose, deal with the power of memories that affect the present and future of the church, defeat Satan's attacks and go forward with a strong, effective action plan. Readers will find that if they put these steps into practice, their churches will be set free from bondage to walk in the freedom Christ offers.

Chapters Include

-Prayer for Unity

-Looking At Your Church's Strengths and Weaknesses

-Dealing with Corporate Sins

-A Leadership Strategy

Extreme Church Makeover has been updated and revised from its original release--Setting Your Church Free--0830716823