Finding Friendship With God

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  • Publication Date :5-Feb-08
  • Publisher :PVM Harvest Resources
  • Author :Floyd McClung

Description :

Pursuing friendship with God is the highest calling of every human being. Some people believe that the study of anthropology is the highest pursuit of knowledge. Others believe that the study of philosophy, theology, or psychology is the highest pursuit of knowledge. But they are all mistaken. The pursuit of God is the highest science, the greatest philosophy, the most majestic poetry, to which any of us can devote ourselves. God is so vast that all our thoughts are swallowed up in his greatness. He is so deep that no one can fathom him. Why are we so susceptible to the lie that we have to earn God's friendship? Since we are deeply aware of how much we have failed God, we try to overcome our guilt and shame by showing God how sincere we are, how sorry we are. Since we feel we have to perform for God, to show him we mean business, we look for rules to follow, standards to meet, goals to achieve. And all the time God is saying, Let's just walk together. I don't want your accomplishments. I want your heart. My friendship is a gift. You don't deserve it, and you cannot earn it. I want to give it to you because I love you.