Gospel Project for Kids 3.0 V2:Out of Egypt Babies

Toddlers Leader Guide Winter 2019
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  • ISBN :9781535916622
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  • Page Count :55
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  • Publication Date :14 Sep 2018
  • Publisher :LifeWay International

Description :The Gospel Project for Preschool: Volume 2: Out of Egypt Babies and Toddlers Leader Guide provides a condensed version of the Preschool Bible Story, suggested activities for Babies, suggested activities for Toddlers, and a Bonus Teaching Hour. Order one per leader.

Out of Egypt helps kids discover God's amazing provision and protection. God used Joseph to provide for the Israelites, setting the stage for a glorious demonstration of God's power to deliver. God raised up Moses to rescue His people from bondage in Egypt. He saved them from physical captivity like He would one day save His people from spiritual captivity by sending Jesus, a Deliverer greater than Moses. As the people of Israel traveled toward the promised land, God made a covenant with them and instructed them how to live holy lives in an unholy world. God also gave them rules for worship. God's law sustained their relationship with God until His perfect plan was revealed through Jesus Christ. Sessions include Bible stories from Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus.

The Gospel Project for Kids is a Christ-centered ongoing weekly Bible study resource that looks at the big picture of God's story; the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. Each week, kids of all ages will follow a chronological timeline of Bible events, all the while learning how each story points to the gospel of Jesus Christ.