Journey Back to Joy

Rediscovering repentance
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  • ISBN :9781911272816
  • Format :Booklet
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  • Publisher :10ofThose
  • Author :Dai Hankey

Description :Sin is serious because God is Holy. Even if we are trusting in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, the burden of our sin can quickly rob us of our Christian joy.

So what should we do when we’ve done wrong in the eyes of God? This is the question that famously faced King David.

In this brutally honest and hugely helpful book, Dai Hankey helps us to consider David’s spiritual journey. We’ll see the mess of David’s sin and the depths of his brokenness, but we’ll also see that hearing God’s word and responding in repentance turned David’s life around. Dai 'grabs us by the scruff of the neck' to do likewise and turn to God. As we do, we'll experience afresh the joy of being forgiven, no matter how far we may feel we’ve fallen.