Potential and Power of Prayer

How to Unleash the Praying Church

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  • Publication Date :2 Aug 2022
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  • Author :Chuck Lawless

Description :

Why is it a struggle to pray? Respected professor, speaker, and pastor Dr. Chuck Lawless explores the power of a praying church and how it can transform your ministry.
Through prayer, we have access to the all-powerful living God. Even so, too many of us are tempted to start our days prayerless and feeling alone. How can this be? We can’t afford to be so negligent, because whether we realize it or not we all face a high-stakes spiritual battle when we step out into our communities. In 
The Potential and Power of Prayer, Chuck Lawless

  • illustrates how churches need to take prayer seriously in order to grow;
  • explores how Jesus and the early church depended on God through prayer;
  • explains how prayer is essential to preparing for spiritual battles; and
  • guides church leaders in establishing the priority of prayer and a thriving prayer ministry in their churches.

God chooses to move among Christians who humbly come to him in prayer; who depend on him for strength and guidance.