I began to understand the deeper meaning of Jesus' parable about the wheat and tares growing up together (Matthew 13: 24-30). We plant seeds of faith that produce a fruitful harvest even as we discover weeds of destructive doubts attempting to destroy our productivity. Amazingly enough, what if, our God is so powerful, so strong, so loving that He turns the tables on the tares and uses them to make us stronger, truer and more dependent on Him?  —  Crushing, T D Jakes
We must begin to see that the plans we have imagined for our lives cannot compare to God's strategy for fulfilling our divine purpose. God's endgame for our destinies focuses on eternity instead of something temporary. Even when life steers us into devastating detours, often they become the miraculous milestones charting a new path towards God's plan and future for us.
As God cultivates and develops us into a healthy vine in His vineyard to produce fruit-bearing branches, the fruits we produce and lives we live are seeds that God intends for His greater purpose.

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