Raising the Next Generation

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  • ISBN :9789811418341
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :188
  • Publication Date :2019
  • Publisher :Discovery House Distributors Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Author :Robert M Solomon
  • Department :Book

Description :

The stress of parenting is real. Many modern parents rely on parenting books or websites produced by experts. These focus on the practical challenges of parenting.

This book takes a different perspective, a spiritual one, by inviting parents and potential parents to study God’s Word and draw out valuable lessons for parenting.

There are six sections, each dealing with some key aspect of parenting from a biblical perspective:

● How we are parented by God to be good parents
● Parenting reflections from the Old Testament
● Parenting lessons from the New Testament
● Contemporary challenges parents face and how to handle them
● Insights from family counselling
● Drawing on God’s grace and resources for godly parenting.

Dealt with in this book are parental anxieties and struggles born from the challenges of the hurried, complex, and confusing world we live in, our need for intimacy with God, the encouragement of biblical wisdom, and the hope that comes from the God who loves us as our heavenly Father.