Restoring Your Shield of Faith

Reach a New Dimension of Faith for Daily Victory
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  • ISBN :9780830732630
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :250
  • Publication Date :9-Jan-04
  • Publisher :Gospel Light
  • Author :Chuck D Pierce

Description :This message from Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler likens our spiritual defense to that of the children of Israel while in battle. Within the ranks there were those who carried huge shields to protect the bulk of the army. And just as we fight spiritual battles today, there is a mighty shield we can carry to protect us. This shield of faith is one of the main ways we can resist our enemy's attacks. We are fully capable of resisting the enemy's attacks, but we must first be able to recognize how Satan fights. His main weapons are to create fear and doubt in us and to tempt us to become complainers and murmurers. If we succumb, our faith is weakened. The keys to increasing our faith are found in knowing the Word of God, which engenders praise, thankfulness, trust and obedience.