Sexuality Education

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  • ISBN :9789810987053
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :D2
  • Page Count :80
  • Weight :97 gm
  • Publication Date :1-Jan-16
  • Publisher :Wonderfully Made

Description :Education should be simple and straightforward, yet powerful. That’s the impression you may get when you read Sexuality Education – Unshakable Foundations. For an 80-page book with NO blank pages, this compact book dissects systemic problems surrounding sexuality education today, albeit in indirect, polite ways. The first Chapter – a letter the author had written to the Education Minister to feedback on sexuality education in schools – informs why the education system would fail to convince students to come into consensus on sexuality issues. Much is mentioned on important but missing facts like the nature of STDs; the reality of the STD epidemic; the actual efficacy of condom. Strong critic with regards to the misinformation of important facts was laid out, such as how it is an injustice if even one student contracts “an incurable STD due to.. misrepresentation of information to them”.

After clearing the “critical” facts, the book adopts a more light-hearted tone as the author shares his personal experiences to bring across insights about romance. Nevertheless, important themes about sexuality education continued to be explored. Are there psychological trade-offs to premarital sex? Do happy, fairy-tale-like relationships that last a lifetime exist? If yes, how can we build such a marriage? Can anyone adultery-proof our marriage? All this and more covered – systematically – as a clear framework gradually emerges at the end of the seven chapters. Perhaps this is how it stays unshakable – when we know the WHYs behind our choices. Yes, it sounds impossible in an 80-page book, but with a no-nonsense, time-is-precious, make-every-word-count kind of urgency, this easy-to-digest yet thought-provoking handbook aims to deliver exactly those eureka moments to both young and old alike. In an age as sexualised as today, this book is a must-have handy resource for every parent and educator, as well as a must-read pocket-book for every teen.

About the Author

Founder of Wonderfully Made, an educational and counselling consultancy, Leo Hee Khian was former counselor of Raffles Institution and a licensed parenting coach. Prior to this, he was at TOUCH Community Services where he pioneered in the field of cyber wellness and was one of the first counsellors in Singapore to work with cyber addicts.

Leo Hee Khian’s ministry extends beyond the secular marketplace. He is the founder of VOW (Voice of One in the Wilderness), formerly known as Worldview Partners. VOW is a revival movement among Christians for social good – through equipping churches with the Biblical Worldview and Sexuality Education. Their flagship programmes, Crucial Conversations and the Arise Issachar! worldview camps, have radically transformed the minds, hearts and lives of many.