Should We Get Married?

How to Evaluate Your Relationship
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  • ISBN :9781934885338
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :23
  • Publication Date :30-Oct-08
  • Publisher :New Growth Press USA
  • Author :William P Smith

Description :SHOULD WE GET MARRIED? You know you're in love --you always want to be together, and you think about each other all the time--but does that mean you're ready to get married? How do you decide if your relationship is strong enough for marriage? William P. Smith gives you a series of questions based on biblical principles that you can use to assess your relation-ship's strengths and weaknesses. Answering these ques-tions about your vision, goals, and potential conflicts will help you decide together whether you should slow your relationship down or move forward toward marriage. This booklet is a great resource for pastors and others to use during premarital counseling or classes.