Tree Street Kids 4: Mystery in Crooked Creek Woods

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  • ISBN :9780802421050
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :192
  • Dimensions :127 x 175.26 x 15.24 mm
  • Weight :159 gm
  • Publication Date :5 Jul 2022
  • Publisher :Moody Publishers
  • Author :Amanda Cleary Eastep

Description :

Book four in the Tree Street Kids series: Something fishy is going on in Crooked Creek Woods. Does it have anything to do with the weird lights coming from Ruthie’s neighbor’s yard? Or are the kids’ imaginations running away with them? After all, Jack and Ellison have been hard at work writing a mystery. The Tree Street Kids decide to investigate. Not only do they discover what’s been hidden for centuries in the woods, they also learn about placing their trust in the adults who love and care for them . . . but not before placing themselves in peril.