When God Seems Gone

Finding Hope When Nothing Makes Sense

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  • ISBN :9781784988197
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :144
  • Publication Date :1 Mar 2023
  • Publisher :The Good Book Company UK
  • Author :Adam Mabry

Description :

How to hold on to faith, keep trusting, and rediscover joy when God seems silent, slow, unfair, different, or wrong.

What do you do when it feels like God isn’t there―when the state of the world, our own suffering, or the struggles of those we know suggest that God is absent? When you’ve experienced soul-crushing silence from heaven, despite your fervent supplications?

Looking at Habakkuk, Job, David, and Jesus, as well as reflecting on his own experience of deep suffering, Adam Mabry examines the art of lament―how to cry out to God in desperation from a place of faith and hope. At the end, there are practical suggestions for what you can do to keep faith even in times of darkness and doubt.

Readers will learn that God is big enough and good enough to handle hard questions and that his sovereign silence is filled with purpose for their lives. They will be encouraged to keep trusting God even when he seems silent, slow, unfair, different, or wrong.

This book is a great encouragement if…

• you are going through hard times, or walking alongside those who are.

• you are deconstructing your faith.

• you are involved in counselling/pastoral ministry.

• you want a gift for a brother or sister in Christ who is struggling.