Why Guys Need God

The Spiritual Side of Money, Sex, and Relationships
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  • ISBN :9780736921268
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :224
  • Publication Date :15-Jan-08
  • Publisher :Harvest House Publishers
  • Author :Mike Erre

Description :Is the Christian community doing a good job of presenting the message of Jesus in a compelling way to men? Women greatly outnumber men in attendance and active participation in American churches. Pastor Mike Erre offers a solution for this imbalance: a thoroughly biblical and engaging theology of manhood that is missing in many churches today.This call to move past cultural definitions of masculinity goes straight to the heart of the issue: Creation--men and women bear the image of God in unique and surprising ways.The fall--men cannot experience significance on their own, so their lives often feel meaningless and empty.Redemption--God redeems a man's work, his sexuality, and his relationships.Unmasking unhelpful stereotypes of masculinity, this presentation of godly manhood inspires men to more effectively grow in Christ's image and empowers women to understand and encourage the men in their lives.