Wiersbe Bible Study Sr-Colossians

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  • ISBN :9780781445672
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  • Page Count :125
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  • Publication Date :01 Mar 2009
  • Publisher :David C Cook
  • Author :Warren W Wiersbe

Description :In a world with a religion to meet every diverse mood, today's Christians are no different from those of ancient Colossae. Fighting Jewish legalism mixed with Eastern philosophies and Gnosticism, Paul called on the Colossian church to stop partaking in the misguided religious practices of their day and to find the one true faith.

In his profound, scholarly letter, Paul warned the people of their heretical practices. His prevailing theme is the preeminence of Christ. Paul knew that if the Colossians grasped even a glimpse of the fullness of God, they would seize hold of their true identity and stop looking elsewhere for spiritual fulfillment.

In this Bible study based on his original commentary on Colossians, seasoned pastor Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe challenges twenty-first-century believers in another age of "religious tolerance." Using Paul's response to heresy as one example, you will learn how to respond diplomatically yet boldly to the falsehood that aims to corrupt our faith today.