Word Studies On The Holy Spirit

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  • ISBN :0825422469
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Kregel Publications
  • Author :E W Bullinger

Description :Word Studies on the Holy Spirit is both a concordance and a concise commentary on every verse in the New Testament that uses the word pneuma (Spirit). Warren W. Wiersbe says, ” It enables the serious student of the Word to examine each reference and compare Scripture with Scripture. Is there any better way to discern the mind of the Lord on a given subject?” E. W. Bullinger investigates in the pages of Word Studies on the Holy Spirit the use of the pneuma with a complete list and exposition of 385 passages in which the word occurs. Two appendices offer a classified list of the usages of the term.

In a day in which much emphasis is given to the Holy Spirit, this book has been considered to have made a definite contribution. Word Studies on the Holy Spirit (formerly entitled The Giver and His Gifts) is an in depth study by one of the greatest Greek and Hebrew scholars of the past. Here is a most helpful resource on this all-important theme.