8 Secrets to Raising Successful Kids-ITPE

Nurturing Character, Respect, and a Winning Attitude

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  • Publication Date :20 May 2021
  • Publisher :Baker Publishing Group
  • Author :Kevin Leman

Description :

Get the Kid You Deserve.
Respectful. Responsible. Motivated.

Want children who are patient, kind, humble, thankful, and respectful? Who have a good work ethic, strong character, and a healthy self-image? Who succeed in all areas of life--personally, professionally, and relationally--to the best of their ability?

You can't force your kids to be grateful for everything you do, but you can raise successful, responsible kids who grow into adults you can be proud of. With his signature wit and wisdom, international parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman reveals eight no-nonsense strategies that build on the foundations of character, good behavior, respect, discipline, and a winning attitude, including:

● start with the end in mind
● expect the best to get the best
● role-model a disciplined life
● minimize friction and optimize solutions
● keep the relationship first, always
● and much more

It is possible to raise a successful child in a "whatever" generation. Dr. Leman's time-tested strategies make it simple.

Want a kid who

● treats you with respect?
● listens every time you talk?
● says "please" and "thank you" without prompting?
● actually likes his siblings and sticks up for them?
● does homework and chores on time?
● pitches in to clear dishes, do laundry, and keep your living space clean?
● is known for integrity and keeping promises?
● is motivated to do her best but accepts and learns from failure?
● can stand strong against any tailwinds, bullies, or competition?

With 8 Secrets to Raising Successful Kids, you can rear a respectful, responsible, hardworking child in today's tumultuous world--one who will confidently blaze a unique trail to adulthood.

I guarantee it.