Thinking About Christian Apologetics

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  • ISBN :9780830839452
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :214
  • Dimensions :18 x 140 x 20.32mm
  • Publication Date :01 Nov 2011
  • Publisher :InterVarsity Press (US)
  • Author :James K Beilby

Description :Most introductions to apologetics begin with the "how to" of defending the faith, diving right into the major apologetic arguments and the body of evidence. For those who want a more foundational look at this contested theological discipline, this book examines Christian apologetics in its nature, history, approaches, objections and practice. What is apologetics? How has apologetics developed? What are the basic apologetic approaches? Why should we practice apologetics? Countless Christians today are seeking a responsibe way to defend and commend their faith. If you are one them, Thinking About Christian Apologetics is the place to start.