Minor Prophets, Book 1: Zephaniah’s Hero, Ages 4-10

God's Daring Dozen

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  • ISBN :9781527106994
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :40
  • Dimensions :173 x 244 x 7.62 mm
  • Weight :325 gm
  • Publication Date :5 Nov 2021
  • Publisher :Christian Focus Publications Ltd
  • Author :Brian J Wright

Description :

It is foolish to reject the Lord, And unwise to disobey.

But the righteous will live in one accord, When His Hero saves the day!

Zephaniah's prophesies teach repentance and encourage righteousness, two virtues as essential today as when he first wrote. Indeed, the minor prophets offer major lessons for believers of all ages! These inspired truths are now shared in story book form for the very first time! Ages: 4 to 10 years.