Powerful Prayers to Protect the Heart of Your Child

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  • ISBN :9781629996127
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Dimensions :137.16 x208.28 x10.16 mm
  • Publication Date :07 May 2019
  • Publisher :Charisma Media
  • Author :Iris Delgado


Expose your child to spiritual blessing, and protect them from spiritual attack.

This book will help you protect your children from evil assignments and show you how to tap into the supernatural protection of the Holy Spirit. FEATURES AND BENEFITSScripture-based categories help you target your most important needsCounsel and prayers for parents who are hurting and dismayed because of the adverse situations in their homesDeclarations of faith will build your faith to believe God and to never stop believing for the protection and transformation of your childrenWe are involved in a war--a spiritual war in which Satan and his demons are attempting to break up our families and disrupt our children's lives--that can be engaged in and won only with spiritual weapons. We cannot remain passive.

In this valuable and effective book Iris Delgado provides an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to win the spiritual battle being fought over their children. You'll discover how to: Tap into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to protect your childPut a hedge of protection into action through specific and focused prayersEstablish a spiritual security system in your homeBecome free from generational strongholds and cursesFilled with practical counsel and Scripture-based prayers, this powerful guide will give you confidence and faith to stand firm against the influences and attacks of the enemy.