Sweet Memories Sweet Success-Chinese

An Ordinary Life Turned Extraordinary

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  • ISBN :026201
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Miscellaneous
  • Author :Kate Cheah

Description :

Teacher turned Entrepreneur turned Mentor… An Ordinary Life Turned Extraordinary

The Story behind Singapore’s Oldest Bakery

Polar Café is a household name in Singapore with its 90+ year-old history. The Company founded by Chan Hinky in 1926 has weathered the ravages of World War II, turbulent political and economic upheaval. Today, more than 30 outlets and bistros, with over 80 expanding distribution points dot the island of Singapore.

The behind-the-scene events and supernatural interventions that brought about Polar’s success as told by Kate Cheah.

Awarded ‘Best Book’ in the General Category by ASEAN Book Publishers Association” 

Available in English, Chinese, Thai, Khmer, Myanmese, Vietnamese languages.