God's Very Good Idea Board Book

Board Book For Toddlers: God Made Us Delightfully Different

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  • ISBN :9781784988166
  • Format :Board
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :16
  • Dimensions :150 x 190 x 2 mm
  • Weight :197 gm
  • Publication Date :1 Jan 2023
  • Publisher :The Good Book Company UK
  • Author :Trillia Newbell

Description :

Teach and excite young children about how God made us all valuable and different with this illustrated Bible board book for toddlers.

Using simple sentences and stunning illustrations, this board book shows toddlers that they are made by God to be the people they are. And it teaches them that God made everyone to be different (different sexes, skin colors, and interests), but he values all of us equally as people made in his image.

God's Very Good Idea Board Book features…

• a robust board-book format.

• stunning illustrations by Catalina Echeverri that will delight young children.

• simple sentences that will communicate truths in a way toddlers can understand.

This foundational book on value and diversity makes a perfect gift for toddlers.