Jerusalem Under Other Kings - Volume 2

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  • ISBN :9789811491719
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publication Date :31 Mar 2021
  • Publisher :Alfred C.H. Yeo
  • Author :Alfred C H Yeo

Description :

It is 13 years after Ezra’s ministry to restore the authority of Scripture in Jerusalem (Jerusalem Under Other Kings (Volume 1)), and God has called Nehemiah to restore the walls of Jerusalem (445 BC). Yet, God’s people continued to rebel. Next, God fell silent -- for 400 years, through Alexander the Great, Antiochus IV and the imposition of Hellenism (Greek culture), the Jewish Maccabean dynasty, the ascendency of Rome, to Herod, ‘the King of the Jews’.

Then, around 5 BC, Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah, the King of kings, was born. But was Jerusalem (Israel) ready or willing to embrace this King?

Primarily spanning 600 years, Jerusalem Under Other Kings (Volume 2) details the amazing story of God’s ‘silent protection’ over Israel and the Jewish people – from Nehemiah to Jesus, the Messiah.

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