This Life We Share: 52 Reflections Journey with God

52 Reflections on Journeying Well with God and Others
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  • ISBN :9781641580076
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :288
  • Dimensions :142.24 x 213.36 x 25.4mm
  • Publication Date :12/05/2020
  • Publisher :Tyndale House Publishers
  • Author :Maggie Wallem Rowe

Description :This Life We Share is a woman's guide to living well--from the inner journey of dealing with anxiety and insecurity to the everyday moments of waiting and distraction to practical principles for parenting, grandparenting, and aging. Jesus once said of the woman who anointed his feet, "She did what she could" (Mark 14:8, NIV)--and that is the goal of this book: to provide insights and wisdom for walking through life with the confidence that you're doing "what you can" to live well for God, love others, and take care of yourself.