Spiritual Maturity-Chinese 生命的成熟

生命的成熟: 人生成长的指南针 灵命低谷的诊断书
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  • Author :Oswald J Sanders

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This book is one of the trilogy of Sun Desheng's spiritual series, the other two are "True Disciple" and "Leader".

This book has 21 chapters in total. The first seven chapters mainly discuss the Father’s plan, discipline, and power; chapters eight to fourteen discuss the Son’s vision, value, ministry, and requirements for his believers; fifteen to two Chapter eleven discusses the power of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. This book has an in-depth exposition on knowing God's full attributes and abilities, which is of great help to the life maturity of believers.

The greatest contribution of the book "Maturity of Life" is not to give readers a specific definition of "spiritual life maturity", but to point out some paths and principles so that readers who are determined to pursue can enter the realm of spiritual maturity . Another feature of this book is that the author pays attention to the balance between knowledge and experience, belief and life. Based on his rich biblical knowledge and practical experience, he introduces the ways and principles for readers to mature in spiritual life. His arguments are based on an understanding of the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—that is God-centered rather than man-centered. This book defines the maturity of the Christian life by the different works of the three persons of God. The awe of the Father's utter holiness, the humble surrender of the Son's triumph, and the connection with the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit are signs of spiritual maturity.

In this book, Sun Desheng also cites the experience of many people who have made remarkable achievements in the pursuit of spiritual maturity in history to help readers understand how to turn the ideal of spiritual maturity into reality and practice it in life.

It is very suitable for devotional sharing and group Bible study of believers.

Who should read this book:

Every Christian who desires to grow in life; Christians who are spiritually immature; Christians who are spiritually stagnant. Serve co-workers.

What this book can bring to readers——

Know what are the ideal qualities of a mature life;

Know what is the expression of immaturity in life;

How Mature Believers Respond to the Different Works of the Three Persons of God.