Freedom Of Simplicity-Chinese 简朴生活真谛

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  • ISBN :9787550108202
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Shanghai Heavenly Stairways Bookstore Co Ltd
  • Author :Richard J Foster

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Modern people are facing more temptations—more money, more enjoyment, and a better life, all of which are attracting our attention and making us farther and farther away from the lifestyle called by the Bible. When we focus on grabbing, giving becomes difficult; when we focus on money, spiritual and honest worship ceases to exist; when we focus on ourselves, temperance, mercy and love are empty talk .

For this reason, we need the earnest teachings of Faust. Like a prophet, he stood in the torrent of the times and called out to us, guiding us back to the path traveled by the saints of all ages, finding the true focus of our lives, and living out a completely different style from the world.

This book is famous for its equal emphasis on thought and spirituality, knowledge and practice, and because of the author's thick life testimony revealed between the lines, it has become a classic among spiritual works.